Before data collection all parameters and variables, the data structure and the database must be defined. We can help you to create a logical and correct data structure.

Particularly for data entry of a large number of parameters, the structure of the database forms is essential for secure and rational data collection. In a well-designed database form, this is done by choosing from predefined attributes and selection criteria. Databases thus create an optimal data structure and prevent the need for time-consuming restructuring at the end of data collection. In addition, professionally created databases can prevent data entry errors, like contradictory or implausible values, through the implementation of automated checks. In case of manual data entry we recommend double data entry. For this concept data is entered independently by two different employees. Deviating entries are then reconciled with the original documents using the 4-eyes principle.

Microsoft Access, for example, can be used as a database.

We would be pleased to design and set-up the databases for your projects. Of course we pay special attention to cost-effective and secure data collection as well as targeted query and analysis possibilities.

We have created test databases which can be used to demonstrate the quality of our system!