Quality Assurance

Audit und Qualitätssicherung

Maintaince and continous improvement of quality

By conducting audits on a regular basis, the quality of your work and the effectiveness of your quality management system can be checked. 

The aim of an audit is to check whether processes, requirements and guidelines meet the required standards. Such procedures are often part of quality management. Independent and systematic reviews of quality-related activities can help you to identify arising problems, leaving you enough time to develop cost- and time-saving solutions. 

Our certified auditors will be glad to check your quality management system, individual processes, workflows, products / services or documentation – as required by you. Findings (documented in an audit report) resulting from our work will be an important input for the continuous quality improvement of your QM-system.

We can offer you the following services:
  • Management of the audit program and conduct of audits
  • Audit preparation, audit support / monitoring (internal and suppliers)
  • Audit evaluation and preparation of an action plan
  • Preparation for inspections
  • Consulting activity
Quality assurance of your projects through:
  • Training
  • Coaching/Support
  • Implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs)